795 West 41st Ave
Vancouver, BC

Discover a Sanctuary of
Light and Serenity

Experience an of abundant light, inside and out. The building exteriors, designed by architect Arno Matis, are inspired by iconic images of stacked timber and respond to the play of light, creating a unique and subtly changing look depending on season, time of day and weather. The design deftly pays homage to the area’s Mid-Century Modernist heritage while infusing it with a distinctly West Coast flavour.

The floor-to-ceiling windows of each home are surrounded by frames – like apertures on a camera – that allow each home to receive maximum sun while minimizing glare, based on its unique positioning relative to the sun throughout the year. In summer months, when the sun is higher in the sky, the frames act as shades, protecting your home and keeping you cool. In the winter, the frames allow direct sunlight – and with it, cozy warmth.

Tranquil Asian-inspired courtyards by Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg feature natural elements including bamboo plants, river rocks, glass, water and wood. A square, split-level reflecting pool and falls amplify the experience of light while also echoing the shapes and multiple levels of the architecture. Inside, the experience of light is maximized through the use of glass, as well as appliances that blend in with the cabinetry for maximum spaciousness. Architectural and landscape themes of light and nature are brought into each home by interior designer i3 design. Using a West Coast colour palette featuring grays and taupes, each suite is designed to create seamless visual continuity between exterior and interior.

This is the art of living light.